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Hosper Mortgage is proud to offer an investment fund based solution to mortgage investing as well. Our mortgage fund, also known as a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) allows investors to achieve the greatest amount of diversification with their mortgage investment. Investors who participate in Hosper MIC, benefit from the all the loans in the fund’s mortgage portfolio. This is our most passive investment option to date. Investors have the discretion to determine their exact amount for investment, select quarterly cash dividends or re-investment for faster investment compounding, and then sit back and let their money work for them.

Each mortgage investment funded by Hosper MIC undergoes a thorough underwriting process. Investments are allocated to Hosper MIC based on specific attributes of the mortgage such as loan size, LTV, location, property type, interest rate and position on title.

Hosper MIC is a regulated investment fund, in compliance with the Ontario Securities Commission and the Financial Service Commission of Ontario. As part of our regulatory compliance, we are required to complete yearly audited financials. These financial statements will be made publically available to all investors.

For more information on Hosper MIC, or for access to our investment documents such as our Term Sheet, Subscription Agreement or MIC Case Study, please contact us today.


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Hosper MIC

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